Why Do I Always Wake Up With A Stuffy Nose?

Has it become an everyday thing? Do you wake up in the middle of the night unable to breathe because your nose is clogged? I know the feeling.

What Is The Cause?

Why Do I Wake Up With A Stuffy Nose? This question has many answers. The most common cause being allergies. It may be possible that there are allergens in your bedroom. Allergens can come from both indoors or outdoors. The exposure of these allergens at night can lead to your immune system to overreact. This then leads to the production of antibodies which then leads to histamine being produced. Histamine then causes the congestion making the tiny capillary blood vessels in your nose to leak fluid. Your nose then feels clogged making it difficult to breathe when you wake up and sometimes even giving you a headache.

So What Exactly Is An Allergen?

Allergens are a substance that leads to an allergic reaction. Examples of allergens that trigger congestion are dust mites, mold, pet dander, pollen, and even traffic pollution. Being exposed to allergens in your bedroom can lead to allergy symptoms throughout the day which can be depressing.


What Is A Dust Mite?

Known to be one of the main allergens to cause to clogged nose; The house dust mite droppings contain strong allergens and since they are so small and aren’t visible to the eye, they can easily be inhaled which can explain why you might be waking up with a stuffy nose. Dust mites can be found in carpets, found in the bedding and in your mattresses which makes you easily accessible to them when your asleep in your bedroom.


To control this problem it is ideal to use cleaning products that are allergy friendly to destroy allergens. I recommend you wash your bedding on a regular basis with a hypoallergenic laundry detergent and must be completely dried since dust mites thrive in wet conditions, if your mattress is the problem I suggest replacing it with a new one and also replacing your pillows. , if your carpet is the culprit, hardwood flooring is the ideal replacement mainly because its hypoallergenic, you can damp dust on a regular and keep the collection of dust to a containable level. With allergies becoming more and more widespread, replacing your carpet with hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular making your home more and more allergy proof. On hardwood flooring you can notice the dust on it which makes it perfect to keep clean, on a carpet however you cannot see the dust.


Could Your Room Have Mold?

When moisture is spread throughout your room, there is a slight possibility that mold spores are present in your bedroom and causing you to wake up with a stuffy nose. Make sure that your windows don’t have cracks or leaks. If any damp patches are on your wall or ceiling they can easily be treated with a mold removing treatment.

It Could Be Your Pet.

Your pet can easily be the culprit in all of this. Pet dander which can be found in your pets saliva and sweat can be shed into tiny particles that can travel easily around your house and your bedroom. Tread carefully when allowing access to your pet into your bedroom because their pet dander can easily be the cause of why your waking up with a stuffy nose. But wait did you know pet dander can still access your bedroom without your pet stepping foot into it? Animal dander can last for several months even after an animal has left the area. Make sure you wash your hands every time you play with your pet, make sure you keep your pets off of your furniture. You can also clean the air with a filtered air purifier, vacuum on a regular. We all love our pets but sometimes they can be the cause of you waking up with a stuffy nose.

Sometimes It Can Just Be The Weather.

If its spring, summer or autumn, the cause of you waking up with a stuffy nose you is most likely hay fever. Many people are allergic to pollen from the trees, grass and weeds. Pollen can travel great lengths of distances. , if your bedroom window is open pollen can easily be drifted into your room. It can also be carried on your clothing and even your hair. My suggestion to you would be to change your clothes when you come from outdoors and also wash your hair to remove any pollen you might’ve come in contact with.

If nothing else works, then what?

Sometimes the last resort one can take is purchasing antihistamines. Many people make the mistake of using a nasal decongestant spray which only makes your stuffy nose worse because it leads to rebound nasal congestion. Medication can only do so much, If you desire long term results you must limit the daily exposure to what triggers your allergies in your home.


So The Answer Is…

Allergens. In order to find a solution to a problem; you must first identify the problem. Allergens can be present in your room as you read this. Take control of your home and more importantly your bedroom. Identify which allergen is present, whether it be dust mites, mold or pet dander, identify the problem and treat the problem so your overnight congestion will no longer persist.


8 Replies on “Why Do I Always Wake Up With A Stuffy Nose?

  1. Interesting post. My wife often wakes up with sinus congestion. She normally combats this with over the counter medicine, and its effectiveness is hit or miss. Do you happen to know if an air purifier will help to remove all the allergens rather than the use of medication? Thank you.

    1. Yes an air purifier would be great for her, but you must also make sure if you have pets that they stay out of your bedroom and if you have a carpet keep it clean on a regular. Sometimes the solution doesn’t always need to be medication and your right sometimes medication doesn’t always work and these are the reasons why.

  2. I always wake up with a stuffy nose. I live in Florida and the humidity and pollen here make it worse. Not to mention that I have a dog and a cat. So that doesn’t help at all. I really didn’t know too much about dust mites, so I’m glad I read this to understand it a little better.

    1. Yes we all love our pets but they can be the culprit in you having a stuffy nose all the time, if you have hardwood floors then dusting on a regular is ideal, if you have a carpet your vacuum should be your best friend, I have removed all the carpets in my house for this very reason, its much easier to keep a hardwood floor clean especially if you have pets I myself have 3 pets so I know the struggle.

  3. A few years ago, I had this problem because come to find out my closet had mold from a leak in the ceiling. Ugh, it was so frustrating, but I was relieved when we actually got it fixed that my nightly stuffy nose had gone away. I didn’t know it at the time though. I just thought my immune system had imploded on itself because I always felt sick. Now it’s only the pollen that gets to me lol. Great article! Very interesting!

    1. I have been here, the last apartment I lived in had mold in the bathroom and it was a hassle to contain it I would always get a stuffy nose and shortness of breath whenever I would walk into the bathroom. Pollen is a hassle too, I get sick very easily and I get easily congested so this time of year can be annoying but I have learned so much about this subject that I consider myself an expert on congestion, making it easier for me to combat it.

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