What Causes A Stuffy Nose? Can It Be Avoided?

Knock, Knock? Who’s There? Stuffy Nose and I’m here to stay for as long as i see fit. We’ve all been in this predicament. We’ve opened the door to this menace that makes us miserable for a period of time; but can it be avoidable?

How Does It All Start?

So you may ask yourself what causes a stuffy nose?  There are many causes to a stuffy nose. Do you have a cold? Do You have the flu? Maybe just allergies? Many of us are prone to catch a cold very easily; as well as have allergies, and with the changing weather id say many people are experiencing this as we speak, i mean thats why you’re here right? A Stuffy nose can be caused by all sorts of things from dry air, or even tobacco smoke. Its always good to know what exactly is causing it to know how to get rid of it properly.

Why Wont It Just Go Away?

Many people may ask themslves what causes a stuffy nose?; but then there are those who ask themselves why won’t my stuffy nose go away? A common cold or allergies can easily be contained with over the counter medicine, but what if even that doesnt neutralize the problem? Many people can go years with cold like symptoms and dismiss it simply because it might just be a cold. Years of stuffy nose and no sign of it going away means you might have to start asking yourself; do i have sinusitis? Many people refer this as the cold that never seems to go away. I remember going through this myself. I kept asking myself why doesnt my cold go away? I’m always having a stuffy nose and its overwelming me. Many people mistake sinusitis with a common cold because their symptoms are so similar. If you have a cold that wont go away i suggest seeing your doctor and giving them this information.


My Nose Is Stuffy Without A Cold, Allergies Or Sinusitis

Believe it or not but there are some people who dont even have signs of a cold but still have a stuffy nose. Why is that? I mentioned before there are many causes to having a clogged nose. Maybe your room is dry? A humidifier can fix that in no time, for some examples of humidifiers click here. Tobacco & Cigarette Smoke is also a culprit to having a stuffy nose. Smoking can cause alot of problems, they dont call it the leading causes of acute or chronic sinusitis for nothing. If you are a smoker no judgements here but id suggest taking a break from it to feel some relief in your sinuses.

Okay; So What If I Just Have A Cold?

Majority of the time it could just be a cold. Most people just wait out a cold or purchase over the counter solutions; But with the weather being so unpredictable, Pharmarcy trips must be a regular and overwelming thing especially for those who work or have school, or simply just feel too sick to leave your house. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to run to the pharmacy which leaves us in a difficult situation. Home Remedies can be an ideal solution to that. For examples of home remedies that have worked for me in the past click here. If your an online shopper, like majority of us you prefer to buy things online instead. For over the counter products that have worked for me, click here.


One Last Thing…

There are certain situations we simply can’t avoid. Maybe you live in a colder climate? Its always best to keep warm if its cold. You live with someone who smokes? Kindly ask them to smoke outside, if your a regular smoker i know it might be hard to take a break; but id suggest you do take a break. You have a dry room? Purcahse a humidifier. I guess what im trying to say isthat to every problem there is a solution, and its up to use more importantly you, to take action and get the results you desire.





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