What Are Foods That Cause Congestion?

You ever eat something and then get congested shortly after? Or maybe you were already congested and what you ate makes things much worst, who would’ve thought that the culprit all along has been your food. There are many foods out there that are rich with many benefits but they can easily be the culprit to your congestion issues. Its important to be informed about what foods to avoid when your congestion is out of control.

Stay Away From Refined Sugar

When asking yourself what are foods that cause congestion look no further than foods that contain refined sugar. Examples being sweets like chocolate. The refined sugars in chocolate cause the growth of bacteria in the body due to the increase of yeast in your body which then leads to a nasal congestion. Many beverage companies hoodwink their customers into believing that their beverages have real fruit when in all actuality its nothing more than refined sugar same with many breakfasts cereals targeted towards children and of course I’m not saying you should completely cut off these things but I do recommend the intake of them to be kept to a minimum especially if you’re suffering from congestion or if you have congestion issues.


Why You Should Avoid Some Dairy

Dairy is a well-known culprit in thickening the mucus for a short amount of time, however the thicker the mucus, the longer it will take for the mucus to leave your body resulting in the allergens remaining in your system. Not all dairy causes the production of excessive mucus. I myself love cheese but even I can admit that the consumption of cheese can sometimes lead to more congestion issues. The main dairy you should look out for is whole milk. Whole milk has been proven to not only thicken the mucus, but also cause the production of mucus as well. Our bodies do in fact need calcium but there are many other substitutes for the calcium needed in your diet to choose from if you suffer from congestion problems or if you have temporary congestion.

Some Fruits Aren’t So Sweet

Bananas are rich with benefits but for someone who suffers with congestion they can be a nightmare after consumption. Bananas release histamine which means your body will be overworking itself to combat unwelcome visitors that are in your body. Strawberries, papayas also release histamine making them causes to congestion as well. Histamine powered mucus can cause discomfort in your nose and other sinus areas. Oranges are culprits too. Oranges contain proteins similar to grass pollen, which intensifies your allergy symptoms, so if you’re suffering from congestion, I recommend you put down the fruit.


You Can Blame It On The Alcohol

Yes I know, alcohol can be the friend we need but like some friends in our life, it can easily stab you in the back. Alcohol is easily one of the most pro inflammatory foods one can consume. Wines contain histamine, a natural histamine I might add that can cause the swelling of your nasal tissues and cause all the stuffiness. Majority of beers contain gluten which causes complication for most people even though it is alleged that the gluten is removed during the process of distillation.

This Is Only Temporary

I’m not here to tell you to completely give up on any of these foods, but if you’re experiencing congestion, its best to avoid what’s causing the problem. Congestion can be caused by all sorts of things but food is part of our every day lives so take caution with what you consume especially is you have congestion issues or if your experiencing short term congestion.





7 Replies on “What Are Foods That Cause Congestion?

  1. I wondered why after I eat papayas, I feel uncomfortable. I seriously did not know about congestion. After I moved a new country, I tried it a couple of times and I always felt uncomfortable.

  2. Great information here. I have been suffering from a head cold, and have decided to cut out all the sugar from my diet and I’m convinced my sinuses are less congested as a result. It’s early days yet, but interesting that sugar is a culprit for causing congestion. thanks so much for sharing, Cheers, Karen

  3. Thanks for all the great information. It is dreadful to think should cut out chocolate but I know it affects me.Can’t help giving in occasionally.
    All the best.

  4. Who doesn’t love chocolate?! – sad to know that it can cause congestion though – would dark chocolate with less refined sugar still cause congestion?
    I was aware that dairy causes more mucus and that’s the reason I stop drinking it when I get a cold, but wasn’t aware that certain fruits could cause this problem. Good to know.

    1. Yes Teresa. Fruits! All our lives we are told that fruits are healthy and they are but sometimes too much can be a disaster. I hate the thought of not eating oranges sometimes but they do have that effect on me when I eat them. As for the chocolate, most store brand chocolates aren’t real chocolate if I’m being frank. Most chocolates and even dark chocolate contain their share of sugar so id tread carefully with the intake.

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