What’s A Stuffy Nose?


What is a stuffy nose?  A stuffy nose is when blood vessels are inflamed In the sinuses. The vessels are triggered by either a sinus infection, maybe you have the flu, or a common cold, or it could just be allergies. With so much mucus in your nose; It makes it very hard to breathe. You keep blowing your nose just to be able to breathe some air but it only makes it worst. I recommend keeping away from tissues,  the reason being that when you blow your nose especially an excessive amount of times to find some relief; it only inflames the membranes in your nostrils; It only makes things worst by increasing the stuffiness very quickly. There’s nothing worse than blowing your nose and not a thing comes out, there’s nothing worse than sounding weird when you speak, a drippy nose is not so pleasant either. Here at Stuffy Nose Solutions my goal is to help you get the relief you need; whether it be home remedies, product recommendations, or simply just information you might find useful through my blog. I’m happy to oblige.