Home Remedies

We all want a quick solution to a stuffy nose; and sometimes all it takes is a simple home remedy to alleviate a stuffy nose. These home remedies don’t always work; but don’t knock them until you try them.



Speaking from experience, sometimes all it takes is a simple, hot, steamy shower to alleviate your sinuses temporally I must add, simple; yet reliable. I like to think everyone enjoys a nice hot shower; so this is a no brainer but if you don’t enjoy showers no criticism here.. turn on the hot shower, make sure the doors and windows are closed; its like your own sauna in the comfort of your own bathroom.


Things You Will Need Do Include


  1. The shower must have hot water; because if your like me living with other people catching the shower when there’s enough hot water isn’t always easy or possible… and don’t forget the soap! Scented Oils Are Also Nice.



  1. Stay in the shower for at least 10-20 minutes
  2. If the shower gets to hot for your liking you can always step out and let the steam around you work its magic. The bathroom should feel like a sauna after a while; but this is only a recommendation.





I know what your thinking; water again? Yes my friend I like to call water the medicine that is the cure to many situations; including this one. I stumbled across this remedy and I have been using it ever since. I just remember having terrible congestion. I then drink Some water and after a while the stuffy nose was no longer tormenting me.


Things You Will Need Include


  1. A bottle or cup of ice cold water
  2. Some patience



Yes my friends; exercise is not only good for your health but its also good for situations like this. It may not work for everyone so I do caution you not to get your hopes up but if it does I’m glad I could suggest it. Cardio, morning runs, even dancing. I enjoy all kinds of exercising and I especially enjoy them knowing they can alleviate my stuffy nose and make things all better. It doesn’t matter what exercise you choose to do just as long as your active and your breaking a sweat you shall be relieved of that stuffy nose





Final Thoughts

Please take note that not all these remedies will work for everyone; But I wanted to share my own experiences with you and not just find a remedy on the internet and post. I want to share with you things I find useful and things that have actually worked for me; even if they are for a temporary relief. Hopefully you find these remedies useful to you when you desperately need to breathe from a clogged nostril.