I Can’t Sleep With A Stuffy Nose

When I tell you I know this feeling; how annoying and sometimes scary attempting to go to sleep with a stuffy nose is like. You feel like you may stop breathing while your sleeping. Those long nights of staying up and not by choice. The only thing on your mind at that point is how to get rid of a stuffy nose asap! You look for all sorts of remedies online; If your like me you may even overuse you nasal spray at times. I’ve found it easier to sleep with a blanket over my face when I have a stuffy nose. For some reason it alleviates my nostrils just enough for me to get some shut eye. It may or may not work out for other people but I do suggest to give it a try if you really value your sleep at night. Getting rid of a stuffy nose is not always easy and it can be draining.


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