About Me

I Know What Its Like; Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night, Not Being Able To Breathe From One Nostril, Sometimes Two. Its Frustrating; I Don’t Know About You But Its Sometimes Even Scary. The Thought Of Dying From Poorly Breathing. Not Only Is This Dangerous To Certain People Especially For Infants, But Its Also Draining, Time Consuming, And Distracting. You Can’t Focus On Things That Are Important When Your Constantly Trying To Open Up Your Nostrils. I Suffer From Sleep Apnea. This Is One Of The Main Reasons Why The Fear Of Sleeping With A Clogged Nose Scares Me So Your All In Good Company With Someone Who Understands The Frustrating Situation You All Are In. I’m Here To Help Guide You, Find Solutions Give You Remedies, Product Recommendations, My Goal Is To Help You Because I Know How Your Feeling. Oh I’m Almost Forgot How Rude Of Me, My Name Is Stephanie! Just Like You I Hate Having A Stuffy Nose and Home Remedies Don’t Always Work! So Welcome To My Site. I Hope I Can Be The Help You Need To Your Problem.